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Monday, August 6, 2012

Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant: A must try Chinese restaurant

It’s a shame that I only discovered this authentic Chinese lauriat recently. It’s located along Wilson Street in Greenhills, San Juan. What I am talking about is Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant, formerly City Harbour Restaurant. They have been in the restaurant business for 12 years now, so this is not just another Chinese restaurant in town.

They can accommodate around 360 pax with their 30 tables. There are also private function rooms available for events, business meetings, or family gatherings.

The real delight to Asian food lovers is their menu. You will see what I mean as I unfold their newest additions to their extraordinary set of dishes.

4 Kinds of Hot Cuts (Php. 1,200 / Php. 1, 500). From top-clockwise: stir-fried shrimps with veggies, crispy squid, hot chicken salad and sweet and sour spareribs. At the center is fresh jellyfish.  This was our appetizer and I know I need to save room for the main dish but I just couldn't stop eating.  My favorite was the sweet and sour spareribs.

Laksa Prawns with fried Mantou bread (Php180/piece) . Don't forget to order this when you visit Hai Kang. It's a must try! Those huge prawns blended so well with the special laksa sauce it tasted like heaven.

Fried Tao Pe Roll in Country Style Sauce (Php. 400 / Php. 600 / Php. 800) . This is "Tao Pe" or bean-curd sheet with meat inside. Make sure you get plenty of sauce because it is the secret to its unique taste.

Kalabasa Seafood Soup (Php 500 / Php. 750 / Php. 1,100).

Steamed Eel with Lotus Leaves Rice (Php1800/kilo). I am not a fan of eel because of its bones so when I heard this was boneless I was very excited. It had a sweet sauce which is a good compliment for the rice, vegetables, and Chinese sausage in it.

Egg White with Seafood (Php. 600 / Php. 900 / Php. 1,200). The name might suggest a very simple dish but when you taste it you will scratch your head and ask yourself how can a simple dish be so flavorful.  It's a mix of seafood, vegetables, egg whites and pork floss sprinkled on top to add a twist.  It is an all time favorite of Hai Kang's loyal customers and I have to agree with them.

Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salt and Pepper (Php. 600 / Php. 900 / Php. 1,200). Soft Shell Crab overload! I never ate this much before and I am so happy. Usually, I only get to taste soft shell crabs on sushi rolls like "spider rolls". I liked that its crispy and not too oily.

Udon Noodles with Seafood Sate Sauce (Php. 350 / Php. 525 / Php. 1,700). A Chinese lauriat won't be complete without noodles.

Hot Black Sesame Seed Dumpling Soup (Php 250 / Php. 375 / Php. 500). This was my first time to try this and it tasted great. The sticky glutinous rice tasted like tikoy with red beans inside.

Fried Masachi (Php80/4pcs per order). These Masachi's are also glutenous rice with black sesame paste inside. This is a good alternative for the more popular Buchi balls.

Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant is truly for an oriental fine dining experience. Since their parking spaces are limited, make sure to arrive early to secure a good parking spot.

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For reservations call them at:

Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant
227 Wilson St Greenhills, San Juan.

Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant: A Must try Chinese restaurant