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Friday, December 14, 2012

Figaro Has Found Its Place At Market Market Mall

I am sure other coffee lovers like me will be excited to know that there is a new Figaro branch at the Market Market mall. With the smell of freshly brewed coffee when you pass by, it is hard to miss this kiosk located at the fourth level.

New Pasta specials

I love Figaro not only for their coffee but also for their delicious selection of foods and snacks. Some of the newest addition to their menu are the Figaro Meaty Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana and Seafood Pomarola.

Figaro's Carbonara, Pasta ala Carlo, Meaty Lasagna.

 For today, me and my friends had the Carbonara, Pasta ala Carlo and the Meaty Lasagna. My personal favorite was the Pasta ala Carlo. I liked it because it was a bit spicy and there is a balance of sweetness and saltiness from the olives, tuna, tomatoes and cheese.

 Clubhouse Sandwich

Chicken Ceasar Sandwich

The sandwiches were big and filling. Actually, i wasn't able to finish my clubhouse and decided to just take it home for my midnight snack.  I wanted to have some space for dessert.

Caramel Chips Frappe and Choco Chips Java

 Taro Pudding Chiller Feast

Why go elsewhere when you are craving for Milk Tea? Figaro has them as well. 


Having the Silvana was a great way to end our dinner.

Figaro is always a good place to hangout. The best conversations come out from great food and drinks!

 Figaro Coffee Company 
4th floor, Market Market, Taguig City

Figaro Has Found Its Place At Market Market Mall