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Friday, March 2, 2012

Geisha - Fort Bonifacio's Modern Japanese Restaurant

Geisha - Fort Bonifacio's Modern Japanese Restaurant

Sleek Metallic Geisha Logo

The alfresco area, where they can accommodate more customers. Most of the smokers hang out here.

A peek inside their bar, check out their sake display.

Great interior! Comfortable Space for big groups, families and friends. This is not your typical old school Japanese Restaurant. They added different personalities for each section.

Tonight, was sake pairing night at Geisha. I am very excited because it has been a long time since I drank sake.
Looking at Geisha's sake selection, I know I won't be disappointed.

So.. before putting the alcohol in this hungry tummy, Let's start with this..

  Geisha Carpaccio
Yellowfin tuna, Norwegian river salmon in olive oil and ponzu.

This was a great way to eat raw tuna and salmon, most people either have it as regular sushi or plain sashimi. It was thinly sliced, giving it a different texture. The olive oil and ponzu sauce was better than plain soy sauce and wasabi.

 Butter Wasabi Oysters
Oven baked, served on a bed of salt
The oysters were fresh and baked just right. I was surprised how well the wasabi blended with the butter. For me, this dish was still kid friendly because the wasabi wasn't that strong.

Kurobuta Gyoza
Premium grade pork dumplings, miso infused tomato sauce.
Wow, kurobuta pork for the gyoza! How can you go wrong?? but wait there's more... As you can see there was no gyoza sauce or ponzu sauce on the side. The owners wanted it to be different and formulated a miso infused tomato sauce as partner. Indeed, I preferred eating it this way!

 Spicy Tuna Crisp
Tired of the usual nachos and beef? Why not try it with spicy tuna.

 Salmon and King Prawn Roll
Drizzled with sweet honeyaki sauce
This was a simple roll, but what made it special was its huge shrimp!! It surely was a KING! The honeyaki sauce made it extra special!

Spider Roll
Cruchy soft shell crab, kani salad, oborro
I wonder why this is called a Spider Roll?? Too bad for the Crab the spider is getting all the fame!! hehehe

The spider roll is one the best sellers. I liked it too. I got the best part which was the one with the legs. The crab tasted well and it was very crunchy.

 Look up again!!  Notice the edible flowers found on the Salmon Prawn Roll and the spider! Not only were they attractive to look at, they also tasted great!!

Prawn Tempura

Big Tempura pieces served in a margarita glass. How creative!

Warning!! Sake Starts Here!!  


taking it easy...
                                                   Sake Margarita                                                    

Sake Mojito
I love the blend of Sakejito, The components didn't overpower each other.


Two cups to choose from

note: Sake could be served hot or cold.

 Masu - Wooden Box used for sake. Drinking from it enhanced the taste of sake because of the wooden

Shot Glass..
"I would recommend drinking it from the box!! Although, it's a bit challenging the first time"

Hamachi Sashimi
The Hamachi was served on a lighted bowl. It's a Great way to highlight the Freshness of the Fish.

Rock Shrimp Tempura Salad
Mesclun, cucumber, creamy sesame dressing
Paired with NIGORI SAKE

The sauce for the salad was a winner!

Miso Glazed Gindara
Edamame risotto, Hajikami

I am not much into risotto but this one was great! Risotto + edamame + cheezy taste = Very good!
The Gindara was a perfect match for the Risotto. 

Grilled Chilean Seabass
Wakame pesto, aubergine and kyuri salad

Skewered Pork 72
Ginger wasabi vinaigrette, gohan, 3 day cooking process

3 Days to prepare this dish!! Are you kidding me?? Well that's the truth, they have a secret process to make the pork so tender and flavorful that they won't tell us.. =)
Was the 3 day cooking process worth it? Hell yes!! This is a must try! Best to eat it as a whole with the sauce.

U.S. Angus Beef Teppanyaki
U.S. Prime Ribeye, eggplant shigiyaki, lotus crisps
Paired with Bizan Gold Shochu
You know it's a good steak if it tasted good even if it was marinated with salt and pepper only.

 Out of nowhere, we heard a loud gong! Everybody got curious what was the commotion about ..
Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak
"A5 is the highest grade of  Japanese Wagyu and is widely regarded as being among the best tasting in the world. Renowned for its outstanding marbling and tenderness - this beef will literally melt in your mouth."

Ahh, the gong meant it was WAGYU STEAK TIME!!

The best way to eat this delicacy is by closing your eyes and let your taste-bud play around with the tenderness and flavor of the beef. When you taste it you will crave for it!!

Matcha Cheesecake

The cheesecake was a good way to end the evening. I loved that it was not to creamy and sweet.

Owners and Staff of Geisha.   
L-R Clock wise:  
(Chef) Ramon Antonio,
(Micheal's wife) Mrs. Nameeta Dargani
(British Chef) Tom Hines
(Geisha's owner) Micheal Dargani,
lastly, The beautiful waitresses with their modern geisha uniform.

Geisha, Modern Japanese Restaurant
Upper Ground, C2 Bldg., BGC East Superblock,
7th Ave. corner 29th St.
Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City
For reservations: (+63 2) 754-8713; (+63 917) 569-2181