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Friday, May 25, 2012

Aria's Pizza making day: My Masterpizza

It's another exciting day at Aria Cucina Italiana. The people behind the restaurant gave us a once in a lifetime experience to create our own pizza. 

During the briefing, Chef Marino of the Aria Manila branch said the secret to any good pizza is “care”.  “You have to care when you choose the ingredients, care as you make the dough, and care when you create each pizza."

So here goes my Masterpizza!
(Patent pending, hehehe)

Everyone started with a fresh dough made by Chef Marino

I used Cream sauce for my base because tomato sauce makes me acidic sometimes.

 Ahhh mozzarella cheese. Pizza's won't be complete without it.  Did you also think they were cheese curls?

 I started with the artichoke. This was the first ingredient that caught my attention so I got some.

Some Feta cheese, to add more texture.

I know that shrimp goes well with the white sauce.

I added some zucchini to make my pizza look healthy =P

 Then I saw the Gorgonzola cheese. This is one my favorite cheese. I like it because of its distinct taste and creaminess.

Bree cheese was also available so I added some too. My target was to get all the available cheese on the table and make the best cheese pizza. 

Chef Marino started to notice that people were starting to pile up all the ingredients on the dough. Yes, it was tempting to put all the topping in one pizza but this was a big no no because the dough will become too heavy and it would be hard to put it in the oven. 

Before putting it in the oven.

Fresh from the oven.

Following Chef Marino's tip, I decided to put the following toppings after the pizza has been baked.

Smoked Salmon

When eating out, I always choose the pizza with Parma ham. It tastes so good and I could not get enough of it.

Lastly, I got some pine nuts to put in some different flavor. Usually, these nuts go well with salads so I presumed it will compliment my pizza. 

Look at my Mastepizza!! It looks so yummy!

Shown here are people enjoying their pizza making experience. 

Aria Cucina Italiana

About the Restaurant:

Aria is a modern and contemporary Italian restaurant that has a menu inspired by the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. First opened in Boracay, one of the world's top beach destinations, in 2003, Aria elevated the standards of restaurant designs in the beautiful island with its stylishly modern, tropical interiors and cozy ambiance and turned itself into one of the top destinations in the island.

Fast forward to today, Boracay's most celebrated Italian restaurant has finally opened its doors in Manila, at the new Bonifacio High Street Central, Fort Bonifacio, Global City. Making their delicious seafood and meat dishes, mouthwatering homemade pastas, fresh green salads, excellent wine and their famous woodfire oven-baked pizzas.

Some of Aria's signature creations.

Rotolino marchigiano

Bianca neve

Mamma mia

Pizza broccoli

Pizza Spaccanopoli
Link to ARIA’s “The making of a perfect pizza” video:

Aria Cucina Italiana is located at the Upper Ground Floor of East Superblock, Bonifacio High Street Central, 30th St. corner 7th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Please like on Facebook and follow @AriaCucina on Twitter.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Affordable healthcare now possible with Watsons generics and Now supplements

In the quest for a healthy lifestyle, people have become more health conscious these days. Health supplements are now getting huge popularity among the youths and adults. These are specially designed pills, powders or syrups that provide extra nutrition and other health benefits to the persons who use them. These supplements are taken in addition to a healthy diet so that the users could get maximum benefits.

Filipinos can now enjoy the amazing benefits of NOW Foods supplements thanks to its partnership with Watsons. The largest health and beauty retail chain in Asia, Watsons is the newest home of the following top-selling NOW Foods products: Acai Juice, Calcium & Magnesium, Cholesterol Support, CoQ10, Goji Juice, Joint Support, and Salmon Oil. With over 250 stores in the Philippines, Watsons join hands with NOW Foods to ensure that every Filipino can get access to nature’s nutrition for optimal wellness.

As part of its mission to help people achieve holistic well-being, NOW Foods created the NOW Ambassador program. Their goal was to support individuals who share NOW Foods’ passion for a healthier life, both in the physical and emotional sense. Ambassadors can come from any occupation, whether an athlete or not, as long as they have a positive story to tell about the impact of NOW Foods supplements on their life. 

In the Philippines, NOW Foods has welcomed its first ever Filipino Ambassadors: model and vegetarian Isabel Roces; Erwan Heussaff, celebrity foodie and health buff; Sam YG, popular DJ and TV host; and Melanie Siy Tan, a full-time mom and yoga instructor. As the NOW Foods product range caters to all lifestyles, the ambassadors hail from diverse backgrounds, but are united by their exemplification of healthy living and their unique drive to live life with passion. Most importantly, Erwan, Isabel, Melanie and Sam have personally experienced and have benefited from NOW Foods supplements. As role models of holistic well-being, they are living their passion fully, thanks to good health and nutrition. 

Witness how one’s life passion can be nourished to reach greater heights through the NOW Foods Filipino Ambassadors.

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. “I was never really the type of person who would take supplements,” he confesses, “but after a friend from the States gave me a bottle of NOW Liver Detox, I had a change of heart. It’s been a savior after a night of partying – I feel just fine the next day and my liver is cleaner too. Even though I make sure I keep healthy, you’ve got to have a bit of fun too! ” Sam’s other favorite NOW Foods product is Men’s Virility Power. “It gives me that extra boost,” he remarks with a wink. Nowadays, Sam no longer needs to rely on his friend to purchase his favorite NOW Foods products abroad. Thanks to a partnership with Asia’s leading wellness store, Sam’s preferred health brand can now be easily purchased at all Watsons shops in the Philippines. 

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“I was elated when I learned that NOW Foods selected me to be one of their Filipino Ambassadors,” Melanie exclaims. “It’s an honor to be a role model of good health and holistic well-being. It inspires me to continue striking the perfect balance between my passion as a yoga instructor and my lifetime calling as a mom.” 

The health supplement Products are recommended for everyone, especially those who work under stress. People who want to build up an athletic body are also recommended to take such products. In a busy lifestyle, these supplement products give proper nutrition as people do not get time for daily workout in gyms. 

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Signature Filipino Dishes by Chef Myrna Segismundo at Heat, Edsa Shangri-La

Edsa Shangri-La Manila will host a Filipino food fest promotion at HEAT, the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant. It will be called Signature Filipino Dishes by Chef Myrna Segismundo: Setting Trends for Philippine Cuisine,  and will feature traditional Filipino dishes, prepared and served in an innovative way.

Chef Myrna Segismundo
Chef Myrna Segismundo's passion for cooking Filipino cuisine has brought her to places. She has been traveling all around the world to showcase and promote Filipino Cuisine.  Her vision is to inspire people who like to cook by showing them examples of extra ordinary dishes that can be easily be cooked at home. 
Other interesting facts about  Chef Myrna Segismundo
  • A food writer and co-author of Kulinarya
  • the director of Restaurant 9501, the corporate dining outlet of ABS-CBN
  • the mastermind behind the National Food Showdown, an annual culinary competition for professionals and students in the country. 

 Here is what you can expect from HEAT's Filipino Cuisine menu.
Available for lunch and dinner from May 2 to 12, 2012 at Heat, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

(Filipino Salad Bar)
(Anchovy (twakang) Kinilaw)
(Pork Belly Chicaron)
 Filipino Salad Bar
Dulong in Olive Oil
Anchovy (twakang) Kinilaw
Sweet  and Crispy Dilis
Crispy Shredded Adobo
Pork Belly Chicaron
Fried squid rings
Smoked Taningue
Kesong Puti
Tinapa Flakes
Beef Tapa Strips
Longanisa Crumble
Tocino Strips
Fried Mini Lumpia
Assorted Pickles
Green Mango
Red Eggs

 (Honey Patis)
Bagoong Vinaigrette
Tagalog Dressing
Adobo Vinaigrette with Salted Egg Yolk Puree
Garlic Dressing
Dried Mango Vinaigrette
Honey Patis

(Sopas Batchoy with condiments)
Sopas Batchoy with condiments

(Cocido Filipino)
(Crusted Pork Estofado)
(Seafood Escabeche)
(Baked Laing with Shrimp)
Main Course
Cocido Filipino
Crusted Pork Estofado
Seafood Escabeche
Baked Laing with Shrimp
Garlic Rice
Steamed Pandan Rice

Pork Lomo

Inasal Chicken
Breast, Wings, Liver, Leg, or Thigh

Squid, Fish, Fillet, Shrimp

Beef Belly

Pinakbet Skewers with Tomato, Onion and Eggplant

Barbeque, Chili-Vinegar, Pinoy Sambal, Soya-calamansi with Sili Bagoong

Lechon Station
Lechon Manok with Tamarind Butter Jus
Lechon Dapa with Onion and Tomato Salsa and Bagoong Balayan
Roast Adobo 

(Guinataan Monggo, Guinataan Corn, Guinataan Halo-halo)
(Mangga Fruta con Chocolate with ice Crea)
Guinataan Monggo
Guinataan Corn
Guinataan Halo-halo
Mangga Fruta con Chocolate with ice Cream
Caramelized Camote and Banan
Native Fresh fruit Platter

The slight variations in the use of ingredients and as well as creative presentation gave the traditional Filipino cuisine a new appeal. For example, the Adobo, which is a known Filipino dish with soy sauce and vinegar. Never has it been presented and served as a Roast Adobo. It's nothing new, and everything is familiar, it’s just applying certain cooking techniques that have been applied to other dishes. That is what makes it special.

Heat is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. 
with breakfast at 6 to 10 a.m., 
lunch at 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 
dinner at 6:30 to 10:30 p.m.   

For restaurant reservations and further information, 
please call (63 2) 633 8888 local 2922 or 636 9077
 or send an