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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mr. Kurosawa – Euro-Japanese Restaurant at Resorts World Manila

I got the chance to visit Mr. Kurosawa’s at Resorts World Manila.

 Mr. Kurosawa is a Euro-Japanese Restaurant created by the same people of SumoSam.

Its "new-fangled style of the interiors and exteriors such as the honeycomb windows and Victorian walls and elegant fixtures" gave Mr. Kurosawa the total Euro-Japanese experience.

With the company's continued success, 3rd year of operations (for the Eastwood branch) and 2nd year (for the Resorts World Manila branch).  They have a special treat for all their patrons. Coming March 2012, they will be introducing new items in their menu.


 Last Samurai Chicken Wings (P298)
Looking at the picture you can see how huge the chicken wings were. It comes in four so you can share it with your friends! Served hot and crunchy, they said the secret was how they deep fry the chicken and how they put the korean sweet sauce. On top, there were also peanuts which complimented the sweetness.

Tonkatsu "Pork Katsu" or Torikatsu "chicken katsu" (P288) 
*served separately
 sauce: spicy ebiko mayo, tonkatsu sauce, wasabi mayo.
sides: Japanese coleslaw salad with the choice of plain gohan or japanese fried rice. 
I'm craving for these right now!! Be adventurous in mixing the sauces together!

Fry or Ebi Katsu (P398) - 5pcs.
 sauce: Wasabi Mango Mayo
sides: Japanese coleslaw salad 
It was like eating a crunchier and tastier tempura! The shrimps were big and fresh! The sauce tasted like California-Maki

Fish Katsu (P268)
sauce: Spicy Ebiko Mayo
sides: Japanese coleslaw and Fries 
Perfectly fried Dory! It's Crispy outside and Juicy inside. When I eat dory I usually complain about its saltiness but this one is perfect =)

Shrimp Katsu or Ebi Sinju (P398) 5pcs
sauce: Chili plum sauce
sides: Japanese coleslaw and Fries
It tasted like crunchy meatballs, this will be good for kids, I taste some veggies hidden inside. =)


             Yojimbo                                    Sanjuru                           Sakura

(Regular P65-70; Large P95-100)

SANJURU or WinterMelon Milk Tea
Assam Black Tea with powdered milk and sugar syrup. 

Sakura or Strawberry Yakult Milk Tea

Strawberry iced tea with Assam black tea and yakult

Yojimbo or Matcha Milk Tea
Green tea ice cream with red beans.

My favorite was the Sanjuru. I like the strong Taste of Tea. 2nd was the strawberry, because of its strawberry ice cream taste. 3rd was the Yojimbo, just because i'm not into beans.

note: All drinks have Pearls (tapioca) 
and crytals (nata de coco)

 The Tapioca and the crystals was a plus for the drinks. They were sweet and chewy =)

Euro-Japanese Restaurant

Ground Floor of Eastwood Mall, 
Libis, Quezon City
Store Hours: 
Sunday to Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., 
Friday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Telephone Number: (02) 901-0825.

2nd Floor, Newport Mall, 
Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, 
Store Hours: 
Monday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Telephone Number:  (02) 973-6213.

MR. KUROSAWA complete menu:

Japanese Restaurants in Resorts World Manila: 
MR. KUROSAWA in Newport Mall is serving Euro-Japanese Fusion Food

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get an Air-conditioning makeover from carrier

“Concepcion-Carrier, the country’s leading provider of cooling solutions, is turning 50 years old in the Philippines this year. To celebrate half a century of pioneering cooling in the Philippines, the company is launching the “Me and My Carrier” campaign, which aims to search for the oldest working Carrier air conditioners and a chance for people to share their own Carrier experiences via its website.”

Did you know that CARRIER invented the first aircon in 1902?

Then 50 years ago, Carrier was brought to the Philippines by the Concepcion Industries.

Carrier has been producing lasting innovations for the last 110 years. The ‘Me and My Carrier’ campaign is a way of showing gratitude to the loyal customers for trusting Carrier to cool their indoor spaces.

For “Me and My Carrier”, the owners of the top five oldest working Carrier aircons will win a brand new, top of the line 1.0 HP Carrier Designer Series aircon, the most premium window room air conditioner line.

The Designer Series is known for its stylish silver and black color grilles, and intelligent cooling functions such as its Run Hour Timer, a feature that acts like a prepaid card and allows you to program the hours of your aircon usage based on your monthly budget.

This model boast of its Energy Management System, 8-in-1 Filter System and other features that ensure years and years of worry-free operation and protection of your investment. 

“Three (3) customers also stand a chance to win the coveted 1.0 HP Carrier Designer Series aircon by sharing their fondest memories about their Carrier units, testifying against the reliability and durability of the brand. Sodexho gift certificates will be given to two other finalists as consolation prizes.”

Are you now freezing in excitement?? So here's the mechanics of the "Me and My Carrier" contest.


  •  Visit the CARRIER website and fill out an entry form with:
               - Your full name
               - Your home or business address
               - Your email address
               - Your contact number
               - Carrier unit’s model number/serial number (optional)
               - Month and year you bought your unit (optional)
               - Where the unit is currently being used (ex. Bedroom, restaurant, etc.)
  •  UPLOAD a colored photo of the old Carrier unit to (online entries must be in jpeg format only, maximum of 100kb) 
  • or SEND the entry and COLORED PHOTO via traditional mail:
                          “Me & My Carrier Contest” c/o Corplan, Inc.,
                           T-1B Sunvar Plaza, Amorsolo Street corner Arnaiz Avenue,
                           Makati City 1200.

All information must be completely filled out and only one entry per household.  Only entries received on or before 12NN of April 30, 2012 will qualify.

The five oldest units/finalists will be determined based on the unit’s model number/serial number on April 30, 2012 6PM at the Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) Head Office.

Finalists will be notified through telephone and email so that a physical inspection may be scheduled to determine if the unit is in working condition and possesses all original parts.

Representatives of CCAC will deliver the winners’ prize.  (Delivery and basic installation of the new unit, as well as retrieval of the old unit will be at no cost to the winner.)

  •  Visit the CARRIER website and fill out an entry form with:
               - Your full name
               - Your home or business address
               - Your email address
               - Your contact number
               - Where the unit is currently being used (ex. Bedroom, restaurant, etc.)
  • UPLOAD a colored photo of the old Carrier unit to (online entries must be in jpeg format only, maximum of 100kb) 
  • Share a short anecdote detailing your fondest Carrier experience (not more than 500 words, in English, Filipino, or a combination of both)
Only entries received on or before April 30, 2012 will qualify.

A panel of judges from Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) will evaluate the submitted entries and select the five finalists on April 30, 2012 6PM at the CCAC head office based on the following criteria:
  • 50% creativity (the author’s personal style)
  • 50% sincerity (the main message on how their Carrier experience has enriched their life)
The initial score (CCAC panel of judge’s decision based on 50% creativity & 50% sincerity) earned by a finalist will form only 80% of the total score. The remaining 20% will be determined through online voting in the Carrier Philippines website where the finalists’ entries will be published. Online voting period is from 12NN May 1 to 12NN May 31, 2012. Winners will be determined on May 31, 201

Monday, February 20, 2012

Favorite Breakfast Meals found at Agahan Restaurant, Makati

Adee Caluag is the brainchild and owner of Agahan Restaurant. Her love for breakfast meals and her passion to share the meals she crave for during her childhood made her decide to put up this niche restaurant.

Agahan is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm but sometimes they do overtime depending on the customers.

Your favorite breakfast meals served to you all day!!

Look how colorful the place is... It's a nice place to hang out with your friends and family.

These are the owner's favorite colors.

Get a platter of the things you crave for at a discount.

Beer is also available for the alcohol drinkers out there.


Here is the list of their breakfast menu.

They have quite a number of drinks available. In this picture: orange, sweet guava and cranberry

Their bangus was crispy and boneless (130).. Thank God!

The Bacon Breakfast Set (150) are a kid's favorite. As you can notice from the pancakes, they have imprints of different animals like spiders, butterflies, caterpillars etc.. The bacons were also a treat as they were lean and not over cooked.

The Ligaya's Tapa (150), a pinoy's favorite. The meat was tender and the taste was a mix of sweet, sour and salty.

AGAHAN Breakfast Restaurant
Ground Floor, Buma Building,
1012 Metropolitan Avenue,
San Antonio Village, Makati City
Telephone Number: 822-5057 
( They deliver! Flat delivery fee of Php 35 for deliveries less than Php 200)
Store Hours: Open DAILY from 7AM to 10PM
 Facebook: Agahan

Friday, February 17, 2012

Aria - cucina italiana

For the followers of Aria cucina italiana in Boracay, no need to save up for your Boracay airfare because there is a new Branch here in Manila, specifically at the East Superblock, 30th St. corner 7th St.., Bonifacio High Street Central Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The feel inside Aria Manila was Contemporary Modern with textured walls that reminded me of Boracay's soft and white sand. Look at the abstract paintings, they are so nice.  Similar to Picasso's pieces. =)

Aria won't be complete without their huge collection of wines and hard drinks. A perfect match for the food they were serving. 

Insalata di cocomero, rucola e pinoli (480) - Organic arugula with fresh watermelon, feta cheese and pine nuts in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

The combination was great though the arugula was too much for me. 

Insalata tartufata con parma ham (480) - a salad of frilled eggplant, lettuce, tomatoes, parma ham and smoked scamorza cheese tossed in a truffle dressing.

                           The parma ham is the winner in this salad. One of the best I have ever tasted.

Gran misto aria (435) - A vegetarian mix of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, grilled bell pepper salad, eggplant mach and deep fried zuccini, served with focaccia bread.

It is a good way to start your meal. The flavors in this dish will surely tickle your taste-buds.The eggplant mash is definitely a must try!

Pasta Marinara (450) - Seafood pasta with a choice of tomato or olive oil-based sauce.

The noodles were perfectly made. You wont miss the seafood taste with the shrimp, squid and shells.

I love Aria because of their pizza. They are one of the best when it comes to making thin crust pizza. The Rucola e pinollo is one of my favorites here.

Risotto con porcini, mantecato al mascarpone (620) Risotto with porcini mushrooms whipped with mascarpone and aged parmesan cheese for double portion add: P465

Honestly, I am not a Risotto fan so I didn't enjoy this meal that much. It tasted like rice with gravy =)



               Salmone al pepe verde (650) - fresh salmon fillet served with a creamy green pepper sauce.

The Salmon fillet was cooked the way it should be. Fresh, juicy and the salmon taste was really there. The sauce was a great compliment to the meal.

Mousse ai due cioccolati (190) - Layers of white and dark chocolate mousse pastry topped with ground hazelnuts.

This mousse alone can be a reason for me to go back again and again to Aria. The mixture was perfect! Not too sweet on the chocolate and cream, and Extra sweetness from the crumbles of hazelnuts on top.